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Project Management
Process and Business Analysis
Instructional Design
Change Management

Core Services

Learning Text provides a variety of business services, including:

  • Project management including project planning and set up
  • Business and process analysis
  • Documentation of all types of written communication
  • Instructional design including training design, development and delivery
  • Change management services

Typical Projects

Learning Text has extensive experience in the following types of projects:
  • the development of end user training and documentation
  • process and business changes due to changes in technology or legislation
  • strategic analysis of change across an organisation
  • project envisioning and planning
  • process analysis, and
  • project governance and documentation.

Specialist Industry Expertise

Learning Text has specialist expertise in:
  • core banking systems implementation
  • mortgage and credit policies
  • teller processes
  • implementation of anti-money laundering (AML) legislation, and
  • asset management projects.

Building Client Capability

Learning Text values the development of client capability simultaneously with the course of the project.
When a consultancy firm leaves at the end of the project, often they take with them the expertise, intellectual property, documentation and tools that have helped make the project a success. This leaves a gap in the capability of the organisation and can lead to the failure of systems and processes put in place during the project, or an inability to maintain the training, documentation or tools created in the project.
Learning Text believes in the full disclosure of all intellectual property developed during the project as well as the implementation of internal training to up skill selected members of the client organisation to manage and maintain documentation after the completion of the contract.

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