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Project Management
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Project Management

Fundamental Principles of Project Management

Learning Text adopts the following principles of project management:

  • be clear on what the client wants; do not start working on the project until you can clearly articulate the solution that the client envisions
  • plan realistically and be clear and open about the cost of the project
  • recruit a smaller team of high level resources to the project rather than a large number of unrelated or untested resources
  • imagine all consequences of the successful implementation of the project
  • check frequently on progress towards the main goal, and
  • do not loose sight of the original vision for the project.

Planning and Project Management

Learning Text ensures that there is a clear and well documented approach to project planning using a variety of tools including:

·       business impact assessment

·       high level project plan

·       a vision / scope document, and

·       business requirements documentation.


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