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Process and Business Analysis
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Process and Business Analysis

Process and Business Analysis

The implementation of new technology or computer systems invariably results in the requirement to re-engineer business processes. Learning Text can assist with the following:
  • documentation of existing business processes across the organisation
  • reaching agreement on required future business processes taking into account factors such as the technologies to be implemented, staff capabilities and training requirements and legal or regulatory requirements
  • documentation of new business processes
  • communication and stakeholder engagement regarding business processes, and
  • business process re-engineering.

Process Analysis Documentation

Learning Text can produce professional documentation of business processes in the client's desired format or software. Business processes can be documented in either:

  • a verbal format such as a step / action table, or
  • graphical formats such as process flow maps and swim lanes.

Business Analysis

Learning Text is skilled in business analysis techniques such as the development and documentation of:
  • use cases
  • functional specifications
  • task analysis, and
  • gap analysis.

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