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Writing Methodology

Learning Text employs a research-based writing methodology in all documentation produced for clients. Documents produced by Learning Text are aligned to the way the human mind reads, processes, stores and recalls information and are characterised by:
  • clear, succinct writing, with a specific audience in mind
  • a self-evident and easily navigated document structure
  • consistency across all aspects of the document including language, terminology, ‘look and feel’ and structure
  • information that is atomised into discrete parts for easy comprehension and quick re-location
  • extensive cross referencing within a document, and
  • multiple access paths into the document.
With clear structure and strict documentation standards and templates, our documents transition easily to online formats, technology based training and documentation systems.

Types of Documentation

Learning Text has a depth of experience in the production of a wide range of documents including:

  • project governance documentation
  • end user documentation including user guides, online help and software documentation
  • training materials of all types
  • research papers
  • PowerPoint presentations, and
  • proposals and other sales documents.

Documentation Samples 

Samples of Learning Text documentation can be provided on request.
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